Samantha Bee Calls on Patriotic Americans to 'Be Jerks' to Scott Pruitt

"We cannot stop Pruitt from killing the Clean Power Plan, but we can be jerks about it."

26 OCT 2017

Samantha Bee called on the American people to "be jerks" about EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's recent decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan on her show Full Frontal this Wednesday. 

The Clean Power Plan is an Obama-era regulation that aims to cut pollution from existing power plants 32 percent by 2030. If these goals are met, by 2030 there would be 90,000 fewer asthma attacks, 300,000 fewer missed work and school days, and 3,600 fewer premature deaths a year. 


Still, Pruitt has defended the decision by arguing the Clean Power Plan represents "regulatory overreach." 

Despite the fact that there are 166 million people living with unclean air, Pruitt argues that we can only reduce pollution "within the framework of what Congress has passed."

Samantha Bee called his response, "the slimiest excuse [she's] ever heard".

Bee points out that as Attorney General for Oklahoma, one of the largest US fossil fuel economies, Pruitt attempted to sue the EPA 14 times.

"Not shockingly this gas-tastic Okie decided to gut his science advisory board, presumably because they were advising him to do some science," Bee said.

"But Pruitt already has all the advisors he needs: Mining executives!"

Bee then referenced a meeting between Pruitt and Tom Collier, the CEO of a mining a mining company, that occurred earlier this year. Just one hour after the meeting, EPA staffers were ordered to roll back restrictions on Alaska's Bristol Bay without explanation. 

Bee acknowledged that at this point there isn't much the American people can do about such decisions. 

"We missed our chance," she said.


"Because third party voters couldn't hold their noses and make a responsible choice, we're stuck with this tall drink of poisoned water."

"We cannot stop Pruitt from killing the Clean Power Plan, but we can be jerks about it," she added. 

She then informed her audience that if any American submits a request for a hearing on the rule change before October 31st, Pruitt has to hold one. 

"If enough patriotic American show up that day, Scott Pruitt will be so fucking annoyed."