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Watch: Burger King Uses Whoppers to Explain Net Neutrality, And The Result Is Hilarious

"All I want is a f*cking burger!"

29 JAN 2018

In an unexpected political move, the fast food company Burger King has released a YouTube video that explains why repealing net neutrality is such a bad idea.

The concept of net neutrality can be difficult for people to wrap their minds around, so the company has come up with a brilliant and hilarious analogy.


The three-minute ad, posted last week, follows a handful of customers at a Burger King in Los Angeles as they attempt to order food.

Some of the customers in the video are made to wait for their whoppers, while others are given their burgers straight away.

It all has to do with whether the customers paid for extra mbps (making burgers per second), with the fastest burger costing a whopping $25.99.

"You can't give me the sandwich? It's ready but you can't give it to me?" one of the customers cries out in frustration.

"Whopper neutrality was repealed. They voted on it," an employee explains.

"Oh my god! This is the worst thing I've ever heard of," one customer cried out in frustration.

"This is like a bad dream right now. All I want is a f*cking burger! A burger, brother!" said another.

The ad is obviously a criticism of the FCC's recent decision to repeal net neutrality rules, which protects customers from internet providers that would slow down or completely halt certain online content.


FCC Chariman Ajit Pai has said the rules represent federal overreach, but critics say equal access to the internet is a necessity in an ever-reliant tech world.

"We believe the internet should be like Burger King restaurants, a place that doesn't prioritize and welcomes everyone," Fernando Machado, Burger King's global chief marketing officer, said in a statement. 

"That is why we created this experiment, to call attention to the potential effects of net neutrality."

The debate is a hot topic in US politics at the moment, and the Burger King ad has gone completely viral as a result. Released on Wednesday, it has already accrued over 3 and a half million views on YouTube, with several prominent politicians sharing the ad.

For instance, Hawaii's Democratic Senator Brian Schatz, who has stood firmly against the FCC's vote to eliminate net neutrality, tweeted that the video is a "must watch."

Finally, an analogy that all fast food-loving Americans can get around.