UN Is Tearing Down The Wall Between Science And Policy-Making

Scientists have a lot to offer.

7 DEC 2017

In an attempt to bridge the gap between science and policy, the United Nation's has announced a new partnership between UN Environment and the World Economic Forum.

For too long science has been kept independent to politics and business - but UN Environment is trying to change this. They want to tear down the walls that have traditionally kept sectors like science, policy, business and society separate.


Instead, they want to strengthen the overlap between science and other aspects of society. That way, the world can implement evidence-based policies and environmental business decisions that are scientifically sound.

And fostering this overlap has never been more imperative. Overall, environmental degradation causes nearly a quarter of all deaths worldwide, which is about 12.6 million people a year. Not to mention the widespread destruction of key ecosystems.

"The science we have seen at this assembly shows we have been so bad at looking after our planet that we have very little room to make more mistakes," said Dr. Edgar Gutiérrez, the President of the 2017 UN Environment Assembly.

"With the promises made here, we are sending a powerful message that we will listen to the science, change the way we consume and produce, and tackle pollution in all its forms across the globe."

UN Environment is the leading global environmental authority. On a world stage, the organization is responsible for setting the global environmental agenda, and serves as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.

The World Economic Forum on the other hand is a little different. The international organization is deeply anchored in the public and private sectors, and it helps bring together business leaders, politicians and experts from around the world to drive positive change.


By partnering with an organization that engages all members of global society, the hope is UN Environment will set an example for the rest of the world on how science can inform politics and business matters. 

The cooperation was cemented this week at the Science-Policy-Business Forum on the environment held in Nairobi. The focus of the Forum was to identify and promote opportunities for green investment that are driven by a whole score of factors, including: advances in science and technology, empowering policies and innovative financing.

As the Forum continues this week, it seeks to address a wide range of thematic and cross-cutting issues, like "Science as a Game Changer for Pollution-free and Healthy Planet", which is described as "a deeper dive into the inter-related themes of Energy, Air, Climate, Water, Food, Ecosystems, Biodiversity, and Oceans."

By strengthening the interface between science and other industries, the Forum seeks to build consensus and new strategies around key environmental issues.