Nicole Coleman

This Fifth-Grader Filmed a Science Presentation For Her Climate-Denying Congressman

"You were unable to attend my presentation on Friday. It was great, so you messed up."

4 SEP 2017

Haven Coleman is a millennial, bad-ass, aspiring scientist who will stop at nothing to convince her Congressman that climate change is real.

A couple weeks ago, a video of Haven speaking at a town hall meeting went viral. In the video, the fifth-grader invites her climate-denying Congressman to attend her science class in order to listen to her climate presentation. The audience immediately erupts with cheers and applause.


Sadly, her Congressman, Doug Lamborn, couldn't attend her school climate presentation. So what did Haven do? She put it up on YouTube for him.

"Hi Congressman Lamborn," she begins.

"You were unable to attend my presentation on Friday. It was great, so you messed up. No worries, I recorded it for you. Isn't technology awesome? I looove science."

Her presentation focuses on Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, which she attended in Denver earlier this year.

"I teach my friends, family and community about the urgency for action against climate change. This isn't a political issue. This isn't something to fight over. This is an issue of justice."

When Haven isn't writing speeches and making videos to convince her Congressman of climate change, she is marching for science, and preparing for her future as a politician.

"When I am a representative, Congressman Lamborn and I could join the Climate Solutions Caucus together," she wrote to the Congressman's office.

"You have to have one Republican and one Democrat to join. It could be fun!"

Watch Haven's climate presentation here: