If you’re anything like us here at Science As Fact (aka Science AF), you are slowly losing your mind over the way science has been dismissed, ignored, misunderstood, misused and, like, totally censored in our society. 

You probably think EPA administrator Scott Pruitt’s national debate on climate change is the stupidest idea since Trump looked up at the solar eclipse. You’re also pretty damn depressed about the fact the U.S. government has made nearly 100 federal restrictions or prohibitions on climate science since November 2016. All you really want is for famous basketball players to shut up about the flat Earth, a society that can afford to consult someone other than the dubious Gwyneth Paltrow for medical advice, and a government that doesn’t throw evidence-based policymaking out the window (along with everything that has the words ‘climate change’ or ‘Obama’ in it). Yet somehow, instead of campaigning for and electing more people driven by data and evidence (ahem scientists), all anyone can talk about is Oprah 2020. 

We need a better conversation about science in 2018. So that’s why we have created Science As Fact - to talk about how we can use science as evidence for the most important decisions in our society. Like: Should I vaccinate my children? or Is President Trump joking when he says climate change is a Chinese hoax? And, of course, have some fun along the way. Because if you can't laugh about it, you'll end up crying into your GMO granola most mornings. No, our articles aren’t always free from opinion or bias - we’re talking about politics here! - but we promise to be as scientifically accurate as possible.

In the words of Janet Napolitano: "When the voices of scientists are not heard, there is a price to pay."