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A New Hashtag Celebrates The Work of LGBTQ Scientists Around The World

Diversity makes science better.

5 FEB 2018

The Twitter account BioTweeps, which features all things biology, has started an important conversation about diversity in science, using the new hashtag #LGBTscience.

Each week BioTweeps is run by a different biologist, and last week first year PhD student Robin Hayward took the reigns and used the platform to boost the visibility of LGBTQ scientists around the world.


LGBTQ people make contributions in every field of science, yet many do not feel safe opening up about their personal identities in a discipline that prides itself on being as impersonal, bipartisan, gender-neutral and race-neutral as humanly possible.

Often in the scientific community, putting forward a personal identity is seen as a direct opposition to scientific neutrality - even if it has nothing to do with the actual academic work. As a result, personal identities are often conspicuously missing from academia, creating a scarcity of scientist role models for LGBTQ youth.

But thanks to Hayward's hashtag, LGBTQ scientists from around the world have been given a stage from which they can talk about their work, their personal identities and how their diversity makes science better.

Thanks to such a supportive and respectful community, some scientists even found the courage to come out in public for the first time.

While others used the opportunity to talk about the work that they love.

The hashtag featured LGBTQ scientists from near and far...

And heart-warming messages to supportive friends and loved ones.

There's too much love and inspiration for this hashtag not to continue.

Check out the full thread here.