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Here's The Devastating Truth About That Cute Af Showering Rat Video

It's official: Humans are the worst.

31 JAN 2018

It's pretty much the cutest video of the year: An adorable little rat scrubs himself with soap, taking a shower just like a human.

The minute the footage was posted on YouTube, it went viral on Twitter and Reddit.

People online could not stop gushing over the cute af bathing rat.


The only problem?

It isn't a rat and it wasn't actually showering. We're sad to say, the truth is way more devastating.

If you look closely, you'll notice the rat doesn't have a tail. The animal is actually a pacarana, a type of brown rodent commonly found in South America.

"With the large head size, bipedal position, flexible forelimbs, short stiff tail, and consistent coat color...this animal fits the ID of a pacarana," Dallas Krentzel, an evolutionary biologist who studies rodent diversity at the University of Chicago and the Field Museum, told Newsweek.

"There is just no other rodent that would fit all of those features, and the fact that this video was taken in Peru where pacaranas are known just seals the deal."


But it's not just the type of animal that scientists were skeptical about. They were also pretty concerned about why it was "showering" in the first place.

In actual fact, experts say it is most likely the pacarana is trying to scrub off an irritant that got stuck to its body, either soap or something else entirely.

"My guess is that someone soaped up that rat," Associate Professor Jason Munshi-South told Gizmodo - which is like, the most devastating thing we have heard in a long time.

Thanks a lot, science.

When Gizmodo asked biologist Tuomas Aivelo from the University of Helsinki whether the rat was in pain, Aivelo devastated all of us by saying it was "totally possible."

"A rat wouldn't do that unless there's something it really wants to get rid of. I think it's soapy all over," Tuomas Aivelo, a biologist at the University of Helsinki,Β told Gizmodo.Β 

"That's probably a problem for the rat. It just wants to get rid of the soap."

Β It's official: Humans are the absolute worst.