Flat Earthers Just Held an International Conference - And Yes, There's Footage

Put on your tin foil hat and take a look.

14 NOV 2017

Over the weekend, hundreds of people donned their tin foil hats and flocked to Raleigh, North Carolina. Why? To attend The Flat Earth International Conference, of course.

The conference was bound to be a doozy. It's schedule was chock-a-block full of intriguing talks, including "NASA and other Space Lies," "Flat Earth & The Bible," and "Exposing Scientism."


For those of you that don't know what all of this is about, here is a quick summary:

Flat Earthers generally believe that planet Earth is a disc covered by some sort of dome, that gravity doesn't exist, that NASA has been fooling us all, and that Antarctica provides an ice wall barrier so people don't fall over the edge.

According to the website, the Flat Earthers conference was an "educational endeavor" to unite people from around the world under the common purpose of "true scientific inquiry."

Renowned Flat Earther Mark Sargent, who has over 43,000 followers on his YouTube channel, was obviously in attendance.

"I'm saying that the only reason NASA was created in the first place was to keep this thing under wraps for as long as possible," Sargent told the BBC in a radio interview about the conference.

"And they did a great job of it for about 60 years. But since about 2015, with all the new tech and social media and high speed internet, it's starting to unravel."

And yes - there's footage of the event.

But that's just a taster.

A Flat Earther by the name of Wint James has uploaded hours worth of event footage on their personal YouTube account. There's even a video of Sargent's speech at the conference.

The famous Flat Earther begins his talk by offering a signed Illuminati badge to anyone brave enough to ask a question. It only gets better from there.

You're welcome.