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5 Facts Scott Pruitt Has Deleted About The Clean Power Plan

This is what the Trump administration does not want you to know.

28 DEC 2017

Two years ago, President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) introduced the Clean Power Plan. The move was an historic step towards reducing carbon emissions from power plants, which are the largest source of CO2 emissions in the US.


But under the current administration, the Clean Power Plan is being repealed and replaced. In October, head of the EPA Scott Pruitt officially announced the repeal of Obama's signature policy on climate change.

The announcement is unsurprising given Scott Pruitt and President Trump's stubborn denial of climate science. But the Clean Power Plan isn't just for the environment. It has a whole bunch of other economic and health benefits, too.

How do we know? Because the EPA website told us so - or it did for a while.

Unfortunately, the webpage we have gotten these facts from is no longer in existence - thanks to Pruitt's hatred for the term "climate change."

In April, during a stream of EPA website removals, the website for the Clean Power Plan was removed, including fact sheets and community resources.

Lucky for us, someone took a screenshot before they disappeared forever.

Without further ado, here are five facts the Trump administration does not want you to know.

1. For every dollar invested through the Clean Power Plan, American families will see up to $4 in health benefits.

2. The Clean Power Plan will reduce dangerous air pollutants and save lives. If implemented, each year it is predicted to avoid:

  • 3,600 premature deaths
  • 1,700 heart attacks
  • and 90,000 asthma attacks

3. The Clean Power Plan will help Americans avoid 300,000 missed workdays and school days.

4. By 2030, the average American family will save about $7 on their monthly electric bill, which is more than $80 per year.

5. The Clean Power Plan will reduce harmful pollutants. Each year, the plan is predicted to result in: 

  • Climate benefits of $20 billion
  • Health benefits of $14 to $34 billion
  • And a net benefit of $26 to $45 billion in total

Coming up with a better plan will certainly be a challenge.