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Brad Pitt's Latest Weatherman Sketch Is a Hilarious But Grim Take on Climate Change

Like so grim.

4 MAY 2018

Brad Pitt has officially reprised his role as the weatherman on The Jim Jeffries Show, and this time, he's got a disturbing message about climate change.

The skit begins with Pitt reenacting a conversation with LeBron James.


"How's the weather down there?" he asked, pretending to be LeBron.

"The same as it is up there," Pitt replied. 

"Changing at a pace not before seen in the history of man."

As always, the weatherman's smile never fades, even when his message is grim and hopeless.

As the weatherman, Pitt stood in front of a map that illustrated hot weather across the globe.

Finishing off his forecast, Pitt concluded with a terrifying: "and over here in the North the ice caps are melting and I am so so, so so scared."

The famous Hollywood actor has been a climate activist for over a decade, but like most of us, Pitt has become increasingly concerned by the issue.

In January, a NASA found that "the five warmest years on Earth have all occurred since 2010."

And it's not just warmer temperatures that we have to be concerned about. There's also rising seas, more frequent wildfires, longer periods of drought, and an increase in the number, duration and intensity of tropical storms.

Nevertheless, last year President Trump announced he would be withdrawing the US from the Paris accord, leaving the US as the only nation not in the agreement.


In fact, it was this announcement that started Pitt's weatherman character in the first place.

Last year, in the very first sketch on The Jim Jeffries Show, Pitt's gloomy weatherman had a particularly bleak message.

"So, things are going to be getting warmer in this area here and this area here," he said, gesturing at his map of extremely hot temperatures.

"Do you have any future forecast for us?" Jeffries asked.

"There is no future," Pitt replied.

Too real.