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Bill Nye The Science Guy: "Science Is Political."

It's even in our Constitution.

4 SEP 2017

Bill Nye, honorary co-chair of the March for Science, went on MSNBC this weekend to remind us all that science is inherently political.

"Well let me start off with some good news, Bill. The public is with you. The public is on your side and believes in the science about climate change," says MSNBC host, Joy Reid.


"Does that give you hope that science can survive this current era?"

"What gives me hope is the marches today," replies the Science Guy, before delving into the real issue at hand.

Nye explained that while it is true that the majority of Americans acknowledge that climate change is caused by human activity, many are reluctant to make science a political issue.

"I just want to remind the Administration that science is political. It is inherently political, like everything else. We have to make decision on how to allocate our intellect and our treasure," explains Nye.

"And it is in our constitution, Joy. Article 1, section 8: 'to promote the progress of science and useful arts'."

It is this section of the constitution that allows for scientific innovation, argues the famous scientist.

"If our country stops innovating, it will not be able to compete worldwide."