Another Page on The EPA Website Has Erased Any Reference to 'Climate Change'

The new main page has removed all 17 references to "climate."

20 OCT 2017

In April, the EPA informed the public that they were making some "updates" to their website in order to "reflect the views of the leadership of the agency."

Thanks to administrator Scott Pruitt that meant getting rid of any references to "climate change" on several of the website's pages. Now, it appears the website overhaul is continuing. 


On Friday, watchdog group Environmental Data and Governance Initiative (EDGI) noticed that yet another page on the EPA's website has erased all references to climate change. The updated page contains information about energy policy for state, local and tribal governments, replacing a previous website, which hosted both climate and energy resources.

According to the report from EDGI, large portions of climate resources have gone missing from the current EPA website. The website launch was done "without an accompanying news release" or an explanation. 

Thankfully, someone took a screenshot of the original page so that the two can be compared, and the differences are stark.

The main page no longer links to the "State Climate Action Framework", the "Local Climate Action Framework", the "Climate Showcase Communities" or the "Tribes & Climate Change Action" pages, which no longer exist. 

The few links that were kept have removed key information. For instance, the "Climate Change Risks and State Adaptation" page used to have an "Examples of State-wide Adaptation Strategies", which has disappeared. 

In fact, the new main page has removed all 17 references to "climate."

Below is what the page looked like before and after the changes:

Statelocalenergy climate 1