A Little Girl Invites Her Climate-Denying Congressman to Her Science Class

Millennials to the rescue!

4 SEP 2017

Millennials are leading the fight against climate-denying politicians…even when they are too young to vote.

At a town hall in Colorado Springs, a little girl stood up and expressed her fears about climate change to her climate-denying Congressman, Doug Lamborn.


"You don't want to pursue renewable energy but please reconsider," pleaded the girl, whose name is Haven. She then went on to explain why wind and solar are fast-growing industries that could provide re-training opportunities for veterans.

"Also I'd like to invite you to my science class," added Haven. The crowd erupted with cheers.

In the past, Lamborn has denied the majority of scientists agree that climate change is real and that it is caused by humans. Instead, the Congressman thinks there are "a lot of contentious facts and claims about global warming and whether it is man made."

In his response to young Haven, Lamborn says that he believes in an all-of-the-above energy policy, meaning renewable energy and fossil fuels.

"Let them all be available to the consumer," he said.

To which someone in the crowd yelled out, "But you voted against it! You voted against renewable energy! How can you sit here and lie to us? You're lying to us."

Watch the whole video here: