The Oregonian

A 7th Grader Urges The Oregon Senate to Pay Heed to Climate Change

"That sounds more like an apocalypse than my future."

26 AUG 2017

In March, a seventh grader from Portland, Jeremy Clark, testified before a joint meeting of the Oregon Legislature's Environment Committees. This intelligent and articulate millennial spoke in support of the Senate bills 557 and 748, which seek to cut Oregon's carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.


In his speech, Jeremy paints a dismal picture of the effects of climate change and urged the committees to put the bills under question on the Senate floor for "the general welfare of citizens".

"Crop failure, collapse of the ecosystem, diseases like Malaria and Zika that are carried by mosquitos, drought, wildfires, floods, hurricanes, sea level rise resulting in millions of climate refugees, an economy collapsed, and a world not suitable for life. And that's not a pessimistic view. That sounds more like an apocalypse than my future, but it is my future," said Jeremy.

After Jeremy finished speaking, a committee member can be heard saying to the next speaker, an industry group lobbyist, "You can follow that act".

*drops mic*